Kitten clothes: Top 6 best Kitten outfits!

There is nothing we love more than making our pets feel loved and taken care of. And getting kitten clothes for our cats is an excellent way to do it!

That’s why today we bring 6 beautiful clothes for a kitten that will look fantastic and make our kitty comfortable. Take into account that there are different sizes for every outfit and different payment methods. 

Make sure to check out the kitten outfits pages to see all the details about the product!

Clothes for cats: Sunshine shirts!

kitten clothes Pink and green shirt

For those good-looking cats that want to look a little extravagant!

A simple yet cute shirt with that detail on the shoulders gives a different air to the clothing. This kitten outfit may look better on female kitties, although could also be nice for male cats. 

You have different colors of the same shirt; you can specify the color on our online store. All the models and colors come with this text in the center “Sunshine” marked on a leather tag. 

Make sure to take the measures for your cat and use the size chart to guide yourself before you buy. As it is a t-shirt, your pet could find it uncomfortable if you pick the wrong size. 

The material is cotton, so your kitty will feel it warm and tender while using it!


Kitten clothes: hairless Cat Clothes Sphynx Devin Sweater

Clothes for cats

For the more sophisticated and delicate cats in the house!

Did you know cats can also catch colds if their owners don’t cover them?

Well, this is perfect for the owners who leave the air conditioner on all day in the house. 

Not to mention it gives a different perception, these cat clothes are thick, which makes them very warm. The needlework gives it those little lines, which result in an attractive detail of the cloth. 

Sweater for kitten

Also, the big neck of this sweater makes it look even cooler on the cats, indifferently of the size. These kitten clothes cover all the body, but they won’t limit the mobility of your cat at all. 

You can also select the clothing color, either brown, green, blue, or pink, all of them are pretty! 


Cat leather jacket/motorcycle

kitten clothes jackets leather black

Not only looking cool but also intimidating the other cat motorcyclists! 

If you think your cat would enjoy a whole different style like punk, hardrock or even heavy metal, well then, here you go. This is a motorcycle jacket for your cat, with many details that make it look really elaborated and cool!

Leather cat jacket: It also has a zipper on it so your cat can wear it and look different depending on how the zipper is set up. It’s actually a lot more flexible than what it looks like, so you don’t need to worry about your cat’s freedom. 

There are buttons in the front that you can loosen too if you think undone buttons will be better. This jacket is made out of soft black leather, it is brilliant and good-looking, but wash it by hand. 


 “I Love My Mommy and Daddy” shirts for cats

shirts for cats I Love My Mommy and Daddy

An excellent way your kitties can express love!

There is nothing actually cuter than this when is about clothing for kittens, is just sweet. You have two models to choose from, depending on which you prefer:

  • I love my mommy
  • I love my daddy

Of course, having the “I love my mommy” one on your cat if you are a male could be a little awkward. This one is made out of cotton, and it has no sleeves, which makes it perfect for summer. 

You can also have the same t-shirt in black if you prefer, but with the same text. It’s not meant to cover all of your cat’s body, but just the upper part.


Cat clothes for winter

sweater cat sphynx cats

Thick warm cotton for cold weather, is there anything else to say?

This is one of our personal favorites, the sweater on cats look amazing. Its fluffy and thick style looks excellent in cold weather and also protects my cat from the temperature. 

Cats love it especially because it allows them to lay down anywhere and still be comfortable. It’s like wearing their bed wherever they go, and it covers the entire body. 

As it is a hooded sweater for sphynx cats and kittens, it comes with a hood that you can decide to put on or not depending on the situation. When the rain comes, we are pretty sure your cat will be grateful for it. 

You have different colors: pink, purple, blue, grey, and others, you just need to choose them on our Online Store here. Don’t forget to follow the size guide on the product description. Take into account that the hoodie is meant to be a little loose for the cat to be comfortable. 


Kitten clothes: colorful sweaters!

cartoon cat winter sweater

Sphynx kitten sweater: The love of grandma’s kitten!

Once again another great option for cold weather, and protecting our cat from catching colds.
It is soft cotton, so your cat won’t feel constricted or limited. You have a great variety of colors to choose from, which you can combine with your cat’s fur.

It also has an opening on the bottom, so it is not too hot either, is just perfect. There is absolutely no way your cat doesn’t love it!

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