Hairless cat sweater: Why are they necessary?

Dressing our pets is a delight, and here is some fantastic  hairless cat sweater you have to see. They keep our cats warm while also make them look good around our house. 

With the energy and style that our grandma’s sweater used to be, this is perfect for the winter. It is small, thick, and comfortable to the cat, and you have 9 different colors to choose. Make sure to follow the measure guide to choose the right cotton sweater for cat. 


Hairless cat sweater: how do I keep my Sphynx cat warm?

It’s important to buy a sweater for hairless cats, or your cat may suffer the consequences. As you may know, cats can also catch colds or other sicknesses if they are not correctly taken care of. 


If you live in a cold country in Europe, or anywhere else, it is good to have one of these. Depending on the size of your cat, you would probably like to pick a full body sweater. 

It’s not recommended a sweater if you are in summer, or you live in tropical countries. 


How warm do Sphynx cats need to be?

Sphynx cats are special cats, they need an unique treatment so they can live happily and healthily. Sphynx cats need to be around 20ºC (or 68ºF) and they won’t have any problem with you. 

The same applies to any kind of hairless cat that you might have on your house. Cats might start suffering hypothermia in environments below the 15ºC, so you might want to keep an eye on that.

One way to know that your sphynx cats are in good temperature is by touching their paws, they always have to be warm. Most people have air conditioners, if this is is you case, buying a cat sweater is a way suggested option. 

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